What class is right for me?

If you have never done yoga before you can begin with BEginners or BE gentle.  You will quickly learn names and proper alignment of poses and feel like you are ready to explore our other offerings.  If you are new to fitness you can start wherever you feel comfortable.  All of our fitness classes will meet you wherever you are.  Instructors offer modifications for all levels of students.  There is something here for everyone and every mood, whether you feel like a calming practice or amping it up with a power flow.  All of our instructors are here to assist you in finding a good fit for you.

What should I expect?

If it is your first class leave 10-15 minutes beforehand to get registered and acquainted with our facilities.  Please leave your personal items and shoes in the cubbies near each studio and turn off your cell phone. Once you enter your studio you can set up your mat and props, make new friends, relax or meditate, or ask the instructor any questions you might have. This is a good time to check in about any injuries or physical limitations you might have.  Lastly, let go and enjoy!

What should I wear?

Dress in light and comfortable clothing that you can move in but is not so loose that you will feel exposed.  No shoes are required, all of our classes are barefoot!

What should I bring?

We provide all mats and props but many students prefer to bring their own mats.  We have a water cooler, hot tea and snacks and beverages for sale but a refillable water bottle is recommended.  If you are taking a heated class a small towel is a good idea.  You may want to bring a light layer if you get chilly in savasana or less active classes.  Lastly, bring an open mind and have fun!

What if I am late?

We certainly understand STUFF happens!  We allow students to enter class up to 15 minutes late but ask that you do your best to be on time so you can get your entire class in and to limit disruptions.  If your class includes an opening meditation we will ask that you wait to enter until it has concluded.

What if I have an injury or condition?

Let your instructor know when you arrive for class any concerns that you may have.  All of our instructors are able to offer modifications and will work with you to make sure you can participate safely.

How do I sign up for classes?

Preregistration is recommended but not required.  You can register for classes on our website, through the mind body app, or right here in person. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We do not have a firm policy in place but ask that you are mindful to cancel your classes as early as possible to make room for others who may be on a waitlist.

What ages can take classes?

Our regular yoga and fitness classes are for ages 16 (with parent permission) and up.  We also offer a variety of kid friendly options and ages are listed individually in these class descriptions.

What is your studio etiquette?

Just being mindful of each other.  Leaving your cell phone off when you are in the studio and silencing it in the cubby area so that class isn’t interrupted.  We want you to chat and meet each other and socialize but keeping the lobby buzz to a minimum when class is in session.