Yoga Classes

BE in the flow

A vinyasa style class suited for all levels.  Students will be introduced to dynamic sequences and a variety of pranayama or yogic breathing techniques.  Focus is on linking movement and asana to the breath and building internal heat.  Instructors will offer options and modifications for all levels of practice.


This is the perfect class to start your yoga journey or for those students who are looking for an opportunity to slow down their practice and get back to basics.  Instructors will introduce various yoga poses with focus on proper alignment.  This class is a slower paced flow with cues to build a strong foundation for your growing yoga practice.

BE Gentle

A class centered around calming, healing and stress relief.  Our gentle class is for all levels and focuses on stretching all the areas of your body and releasing tension.  Instructors encourage the use of props to support students in poses.  Class begins with seated postures, gentle and purposeful standing sequences and relaxing reclined poses to cool and calm the body.

BE Powerful

Our power yoga class is held in a moderately heated room to promote flexibility and detoxification.  Sequences are fluid and faster with an emphasis on creating a moving meditation by linking the movement to the breath.  Sequences are designed with longer holds and challenging poses to build strength while calming the mind.  This class is suitable for the more experienced yogi who wants to energize their practice.

BE Restored

Restorative yoga is a relaxing and meditative class comprised of reclined postures held for 5 minutes or more using props to facilitate mindfulness, soothe the nervous system and create a feeling of peace and wellbeing.  This class is designed for all levels and although it is not a physically demanding practice, the challenge lies in quieting the mind.

BE Yin the Moment

Yin Yoga balances out the Yang in our practice.  It is quiet and meditative yoga designed to foster flexibility and access the connective tissue and fascia that our regular forms of exercise cannot access.  Poses are reclined or seated and held for 2-3 minutes.  The focus is on letting go and releasing all muscular tension to create space in the body.  This is a class that is suitable for all levels and beneficial to balance out a regular yoga or exercise routine.

BE in the Mix

A balanced blend or our vinyasa flow and yin classes.  This class starts and ends with seated or reclined yin poses with a vigourous vinyasa sequence in the middle.  The flow of this class allows you to feel the rise and fall of your practice while starting out slow and mindful, building to a more active flow and returning to where you began.  This class is accessible to all levels.

BE Ready (Prenatal) 

Prenatal yoga uses meditation, breathing techniques and yoga poses to help ease the discomforts of pregnancy, prepare moms for labor and delivery and create a feeling of peace and wellness just when you need it most.  It is a wonderful way to connect with your baby during your pregnancy, be part of a community of other soon to be moms and share your pregnancy experiences during your journey.  Classes will focus on creating strength, flexibility and relaxation techniques.  Instructors are here to support you through this most wondrous stage of your life.

BE Here Now (Meditation)

Meditation is a practice in mindfulness and an exploration of the inner self.  Through guided imagery, focusing on the breath, and sitting in stillness students will begin to facilitate a feeling of inner peace and tranquility that can be carried out into their everyday lives.  Meditation reduces stress, improves concentration, benefits cardiovascular and immune health and promotes self awareness.  This class is open to all, with or without experience to come and explore and hold space together.

BE on Break (Lunch break yoga)

A 45 minute all levels vinyasa practice for your lunch break!  Sneak away and spend some time taking care of yourself during your hectic work week. 

BE Together (Family)

An active and playful class to introduce yoga to young children and share your experiences together.   For parents with their children ages 4 and up.  Instructors will guide you through traditional yoga poses, partner poses and group poses.  Sometimes centered around a fun theme but always fun!  Each class will end with guided relaxation and mindfulness practice.  This is such a special way to spend time with your little ones and begin giving them tools they can take out into the world with them.


Fitness Classes

BE Strong

Complement your regular yoga, or fitness practice, with a class set to energizing music geared to boost your metabolism and build lean muscle mass. Moderate heat will help increase flexibility, while the fast pace and use of free weights will increase strength. A combination of movements, inspired by yoga and multiple fitness modalities, will strengthen and tone your entire body. 

BE Fit

A powerful combo of yoga and cardio.  Sequences of cardio intervals paired with yoga poses.  Using circuit training, cardio bursts, body weight exercises, balance and core work to tone and challenge your entire body.  This high energy class will burn calories, increase endurance and is sure to get your heart pumping!

BE at the Barre

A class centered around sculpting and toning using body weight, small hand weights and focusing on higher repetitions. Barre offers a full body work out and receives its inspiration from ballet. Not only will you improve your strength physically, but also mentally, at the same time you develop balance and improve posture. This class is accessible for all individuals who want to come try an upbeat and invigorating fitness class.  No dance experience is required! Socks required, barre socks strongly recommended. 


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